Jonathon Brandmeier

The Jonathon Brandmeier Show is on KUGN every weekday from 9 am to noon, and has been described as an entertaining, offbeat look at news, pop culture, and sports – from the big trending topics to the stories about to fall through the cracks – combined with celebrity interviews and freewheeling audience interaction. Brandmeier has…

John Batchelor

  John Batchelor is an American author and host of The John Batchelor Show, which is a radio news magazine that runs on KUGN every weekday from 6-8 pm.

Mark Levin On KUGN

Mark Levin is a lawyer, author, and host of The Mark Levin Show, which runs every weekday from 3-6 pm on KUGN. Mark worked in the Raegan administration, and was chief of staff to attorney general Edwin Meese. He has also authored five books, and is currently the Editor-In-Chief of Conservative Review. Levin began his…

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