Chris Plante

The Chris Plante Show – live from Washington DC – offers listeners the inside word on the day’s top news stories with razor-sharp insight AND a unique sense of humor every weekday on KUGN from 10 am to noon.

John Batchelor

  John Batchelor is an American author and host of The John Batchelor Show, which is a radio news magazine that runs on KUGN every weekday from 6-8 pm.

Mark Levin On KUGN

Mark Levin is a lawyer, author, and host of The Mark Levin Show, which runs every weekday from 3-6 pm on KUGN. Mark worked in the Raegan administration, and was chief of staff to attorney general Edwin Meese. He has also authored five books, and is currently the Editor-In-Chief of Conservative Review. Levin began his…

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Dennis’s Deal

Dennis’s Deal

Check here every week to find out what Dennis Nakata, KUGN morning host is up to… PRETTY TO LOOK AT — Reality is: air isn’t too good especially if you have asthma or breathing “challenges!” Wildfires in southern Oregon are BAD and that means we all need to be “smart” about the time we spend outside until we…