Robert Gates: Putin Made ‘Huge Miscalculation’

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates called Finland and Sweden’s formal application to join NATO a “huge” development and a major defeat for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It changes the geopolitics in Europe in a dramatic way,” Gates told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. 

“Now he’s [Putin] got NATO on his doorstep, not only in Ukraine and elsewhere. He’s going to have them on his border in Finland. And it’s an amazing thing he’s done because he’s gotten Sweden to abandon 200 years of neutrality. So I think one of his many, huge miscalculations in invading Ukraine is he has dramatically changed the geostrategic posture of Western Europe. And now that you have the Swedes and the Finns as part of that, he’s really put Russia in a much worse strategic position than it had before the invasion.”

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