Dennis’s Deal

Check here every week to find out what Dennis Nakata, KUGN morning host is up to…SNOW SAFETY CHECK on the station roof (with all the snow that has come down!) It’s a public service I’m happy to perform for our listeners!!

WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY” with Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner stopping by! First off: Thank you — Second: Did you know he doesn’t drink coffee — Seriously? Loves his family and his department family and is committed to serving our community. Talked “getting to know” the stories behind those who are homeless and his take-away from the racial/hate crime listening session Tuesday night. Look forward to the next visit!

“WHATS UP WEDNESDAY” starting the new year with Eugene mayor Lucy Vinis stopping by for a breakfast chat about her State of the City address (Jan.3) and other visions for the city in 2019. Looking forward to connecting with the people who make the city of Eugene “go!”